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Photo credit: Christen Long,

Bat Conservation International

Data Processing & Analysis

We partner with the National Data Processing Lab (NDPL) to handle all aspects of acoustic data processing for NABat acoustic surveys. Just ship us your acoustic files and we’ll clean and analyze your data, upload the results and the recordings to NABat, and generate a report, tailored to your information needs, with insights into species presence and trends in your area. Get in touch with the Hub coordinator to set up a contract for data processing.

If you are planning to have your acoustic data processed by the Hub (i.e. the National Data Processing Lab), please follow our stationary and mobile acoustic checklists and use our Survey123 forms for metadata collection, all of which are linked below.


Equipment Sharing

Our regional community is ready and willing to share equipment. If you have bat detectors you are willing to share for part of the year, please complete the form to let the Hub coordinator know and they will be in touch about next steps. If you need to borrow bat detectors, sign up on our calendar to reserve them for a given period.


Photo credit: Janet Tyburec,

Bat Conservation International


We work with our partners to provide training so that field surveys and data management go smoothly and are here to answer questions when they don’t. We can provide training on how to perform acoustic surveys and on all things NABat. For the time being, we are providing training to our partners on an as-needed basis. If you are interested, please get in touch directly with the Hub Coordinator. 

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Coordination & Support

Need help identifying what cells would be most valuable to survey? Not sure where to start with getting land access permissions? Have questions about workflow, protocols, equipment, or best practices? Let’s work together to make your surveys happen.

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