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What is NABat?

The North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) is a continent-wide effort to gather and aggregate data about bats. NABat has developed standardized protocols for acoustic surveys, summer roost counts, and winter hibernacula counts, as well as a sampling framework so that the results of those surveys can be brought together to assess changes in bat populations at local, regional, and range-wide scales.

What is the PacWest Bat Hub?

The PacWest Bat Hub works with its network of partners to coordinate surveys of bat populations throughout California and Nevada. We support the sharing of data through databases like the North American Bat Monitoring Program Partner Portal and BatAMP. 


Photo credit: Jonathan Alonzo


Photo credit: Winifred Frick

How to get involved

Our partners are state and federal agencies, tribes, non-profits, consultants, universities, and concerned and passionate citizens. We help coordinate and unify their efforts to monitor bats and contribute to NABat. Some perform surveys, some offer to share equipment and knowledge, others support the Hub financially. Follow the link below to learn about ways to participate.

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