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About The Nevada Bat Working Group

The Nevada Bat Working Group was created to bring bat professionals together across the state, providing a platform to share information, research, and upcoming events. 



Annual Meeting


Generally takes place in December and is organized by the NBWG co - chairs. 

Nevada Bat Blitz


Takes place annually and is organized by a member of the Nevada Bat Working Group who is in need of a concentrated survey effort. Information about the Bat Blitz will be communicated to the group with an email to the group through the Listserv. 

Join the Listserv

The Nevada Bat Working Group is comprised of working wildlife and bat professionals from Nevada and adjacent states. The group is primarily run from a listserv where anyone can provide important updates to the group. 

If you are a wildlife professional in Nevada who would like to join the listserv to receive updates and notifications fill out the form below or contact the current NBWG co-chairs. 

Register for the NBWG Listserv

Thanks for submitting!


Current Nevada Bat Working Group Co-Chairs

Ali Helmig

Biodiversity Program Coordinator 

The Great Basin Institute and

Bureau of Land Management

Elko, Nevada OR

Joey Danielson

Diversity Biologist

Nevada Department of Wildlife

Ely, Nevada

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